May Tri-motor / board meeting on Wednesday

trimotorThe Tri-Motor event is ever closer! This month’s BOD meeting will be mostly a Tri-Motor meeting, and will be at Tony’s Hangar. Meeting and pizza at 18:00 on May 6.

This may be our last chance to address all the loose ends. All are welcomed…and encouraged to attend.

As a follow-on to Nick’s presentation at the membership meeting

image001Dear fellow aviation enthusiast,

I am delighted to inform you that I am the new representative of Skylark Aircraft Dova-1 in the U.S. After a long absence from the U.S. market, the Dova Company is back with a strong commitment to help the aviation community to achieve its goals and fulfill its dreams. My company is selling the certified Skylark Light Sport Aircraft and a fast-build kit. The fast-build kit version gives the builder the opportunity to choose from various engines (e.g. Viking, D-motor, Rotax) and avionics to obtain the desired performance.

I am representing the Dova Company with great pride in order to serve and fulfill the needs of our customers. My goal is to fully satisfy Skylark’s buyers with an outstanding product.

Skylark USA, located in Sacramento, California, is the Skylark’s exclusive distributor for the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about Skylark aircraft and ordering details please visit our website or e-mail us.


Nick Suciu,

Skylark USA, CEO

Skylark aircraft.

Skylark is a Czech-built LSA constructed mostly of 2024-T6 aluminum, and designed by Dr. David Marsden, Professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Dr. Marsden used the University’s wind tunnel to test the design, a capability not available to many LSA designers. The Skylark design has the highest ratio for stall speed to cruise speed of any LSA, at 3:16 for non-turbo airplanes. The airfoil is a semi-natural laminar flow intended to keep airflow attached as far aft on the chord as possible. The wing is also fitted with swept winglets to convert part of wingtip vortices to lift. The T-tail empennage positions the elevator high up out of the wash of propeller so it is less susceptible to power changes.

Skylark features conventional sticks for roll and pitch control, a forward sliding canopy, and a 43-inch wide cabin. The standard tricycle gear is fitted with slickly faired wheel pants, steerable nose wheel, and conventional hydraulic toe braking.

Factory built Skylark is equipped with a four cylinder 100 HP Rotax 912S Austrian engine.

Skylark’s gross weight is 1,320 lbs and empty airplane weight is 650-660 lbs, which means a typically equipped Skylark carries its own weight in useful load. With its twin wing fuel tanks full with 24 gallons of fuel, it can still fly away with over 500 lbs payload at a 1,200 ft/min climb rate and a 14,000 ft service ceiling.

What I learned from 30 yrs as an Aerial Survey Pilot

“What I learned from 30 yrs as an Aerial Survey Pilot”
Topic: What I learned
On Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 10:00
Hillside Aviation
2600 Gold Street
Main Hangar
Redding, CA 96001

Select Number:

Mr. John Hedges, a 40 year aviator will discuss various aspects of he found to be import as a pilot flying GA aircraft in the western USA (including Alaska) for over 30 years as an Aerial Survey pilot and as an owner operator. Hint: his discussions will help you with regards to precise navigation (by looking out the windows) and in your cross country planning process.

Mr. Hedges has a wealth of knowledge and you will be pleased to attend this seminar.

This will be the 107th monthly consecutive safety seminar at Benton airport since the inception of the new FAA FASTeam concept.

To view further details and registration information for this seminar, click here.

Volunteers needed

We need volunteers for the following events. Check that your sign-up details are correct, and that you’re signed up for everything you thought you were. Blank spaces are where we still have opportunities!

5/2 09:00 – 14:00
Car show with Dusty – Century 21 parking lot
801 Sterling Parkway, Lincoln

  1. Tony Kasabasich
  2. John Perry
  3. Tom Lieb
  4. Dug Smith

5/5 17:00 – 20:00
Lincoln Food Truck Night
Beerman downtown plaza, Lincoln

  1. Steve Campbell
  2. Bob Butera

5/9 08:30 – 14:00
Parents Resource Guide
Lincoln Community Centre, 2010 F Street, Lincoln

  1. Bob and Patti Miller

5/15 17:00 – 20:00
Roseville Food Truck Night
Vernon Street, Roseville

  1. Tom S
  2. Rich Ryan

5/20 17:00 – 20:00
Folsom Foodtruck Night
Folsom Zoo

  1. Evan Strasser
  2. Mike Haag

5/23 09:00 – 14:00
Home Depot
1000 Groveland Lane, Lincoln

  1. John Perry

You can still volunteer for this opportunity!

5/28 17:00 – 20:00
Rocklin Food Night
Rocklin Johnson Springview Park

  1. Evan Strasser

You can still volunteer for this opportunity!

5/31 09:00 – finished
Tri-motor hangar cleanup

  1. Tom Lieb
  2. Steve Campbell
  3. Gary Boothe
  4. Dug Smith

You can still volunteer for this opportunity!

Downtown Lincoln with Dusty

  1. Tom Lieb
  2. Bob Butera

You can still volunteer for this opportunity!

6/5 15:00 – 20:00
Rods and Relics Car Show
Thunder Vallay Casino

  1. Larry Bontrager
  2. Scott Thompson
  3. Evan Strasser

You can still volunteer for this opportunity!

March membership meeting on Wednesday 15th

Wednesday isn’t just tax day, it’s also our monthly Chapter Meeting. We are back ON with Summer time BBQ’s. Dinner should be close to 18:00, with the meeting following at 19:00. Hope to see you all there, at Tony’s (North side, closest to the taxiway) hangar.

RIP Hugh Crawford

With extreme sadness that Ivan Karnezis informs us that last Friday afternoon, while working at the Sacramento Railroad Museum, Hugh Crawford had a massive heart attack and died. Hugh was a great friend, an interesting and fun conversationalist, a dependable Young Eagles worker, master BBQ chef, contributing Board Member, hard working Membership Chairman, and the one who always contacted the Chapter 526 membership. We will all miss him.

Hugh’s wife, Alice has invited all of you and past members and friends to Hugh’s Memorial at the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento: 17:00, May 2.

A dinner will be served. Please RSVP to Alice.

Bud Anderson to be honored at Auburn

Bud Anderson (the author of “To Fly and Fight.”), a WWII triple ace (50th highest U.S. ace with 16-1/4 kills), will be honored by the dedication of a statue at Auburn airport on Saturday, May 16 at 15:00.