2016 membership dues

We’ve had a couple of folks ask how to pay their 2016 dues or gold membership. You can pay your dues 3 ways;

  1. At any 1541 meeting…see the treasurer, Jim Hughes
  2. Mail a check to:
    Lincoln EAA1541
    PO Box 1126
    Lincoln, CA 95648
  3. Via Paypal:
    Use “Send money to friends and family” to lincolneaa@hotmail.com
    or use our Paypal link.

So, the 40 or so of our member that have not yet paid their 2016 dues….please do soon!

4/12 – FAASafety Team Seminar

On Tue, 4/12, 18:00, we have a FAASafety Team Seminar, “Who is the NTSB and What Do They Do ?”

This is a seminar only, no barbecue, and is open to the public, since it is posted on the FAA website.
we can expect some ‘fly-ins’.

Allison Diaz, Air Safety Investigator will do a presentation on this and review some GA accidents, with discussion.
She did a similar presentation last December for the Beale Aero Club, and it was very informative.

Maybe we’ll learn how to quit doing those ‘Stupid Pilot Tricks ?’