Airfest Ramp Crew

  • Thursday, June 08; 10:00 – 14:00 We will need 6-10 folks to help set up fencing and barriers, set t-posts
    Park on the ramp by the gazebo, or in the lot across from ramp 1.
  • Friday; June 09; 10:00 – 15:00 Practice Airshow for the FAA
    parking… enter gate 3. Parking between the 2 green hangars as we will on Saturday.

    • The airspace will be waivered from 11:00 to 15:00, so we will need some folks on the ramp by 10:00
      This will be a full airshow, without all the visitors, so we can fully enjoy the show
    • the airspace will be closed from about 12 noon to 3:30 pm, so we will need some crew on the taxiways to monitor any ramp aircraft.
  • Saturday, June 10;
    • arrive; morning shift arrive by 07:00 or earlier. [The airspace will close about 10:00 to about 15:30].
    • parking; enter gate 3 and park between the 2 rows of green hangars. Tell the parking folks that you are a ramp volunteer,
    • check in
      • Initially we will check in at the gazebo / fuel pump area… later, we may move this to the EAA booth.
      • You must check in, sign the roster next to your name [ we need to know who is on the ramp] pick up a vest and a badge.
    • assignments
      • most will be needed in the AM shift parking display aircraft.
      • we will also need 2 folks on taxiway ‘D’ to direct transient aircraft. This will be a 2 hr shift since it will get boring.
      • We need folks at the show line to keep visitors from crossing the barriers.
      • we need 2-3 to patrol the north hangar area, since visitors will be parking here, between the rows or hangars.
        the visitors are not allowed to loiter – they must move to the display ramp, visitors leaving will exit gate 4 [ to be verified]
    • relief;
      • expect to be on the ramp for about 4 hours. You will be relieved for a lunch/ rest/ refreshment break [ earlier if needed ]
      • lunch; I expect that the crew will get vouchers for a meal and drinks.
      • we will have 1-2 roving crew with water/ drinks.