Saturday… Airfest Ramp Crew

So, for Saturday we have some specific tasks, but firstly – check-in with Jim Hughes at the gazebo, get your vest and a badge.

  • from 7am to 10 am will be the crush of display aircraft that will have to be pushed into the display area. This will take the majority of the crew.
  • We will need 2-3 folks to help with the EAA1541 pancake breakfast from 08:00 to 10:00. (We’re hoping ee we can assign 1 hr times so folks can be on the ramp, where the ‘action’ is.)
  • We will probably need 2 folks to monitor taxiway ‘D’ and ‘E’ at the south end, to guide transient aircraft to parking until 10:00 (again a 1hr assignment), then at 10:00 we may need to guard these taxiways to keep anyone from trying to taxi out to the runway.
  • We will need 2-3 folks to roam the north hangar area, and tell visitors that are parking their cars to not loiter and move immediately to the ramp area.
  • From 10:00 to 15:00 we will also be on the flight line to make sure visitors do not cross the barriers. Be prepared to answer questions.
  • After 15:00, we will help push display aircraft out of the display area to the ‘hot zone’.

We will have Dan Gillam roaming with water, soda and hopefully food.

You can take breaks at the EAA booth for chairs and shade, water.

Lastly, we need 5-6 folks on Sunday about 10:00-ish, to help take down the orange barrier, remove t-posts, and disassemble the metal fencing.

Please see Jim tomorrow if you can help.

See you all tomorrow, and thanks again for your work on the this event.