Pilot Registration for the Young Eagle Rally for May 12

We are setting up a Young Eagles registration online process using EAA endorsed software named Flight Squid. This allows both pilots and Young Eagles to sign up online and completes much of the required Young Eagle paperwork in a seamless process.

This is our first attempt at this but I am requesting that each pilot who plans on participating as a Young Eagles pilot on May 12 to register for the event ASAP using this link.

Use the event code “1541” to register.

You will create an account with Flight Squid with your own password, which you will want to remember.

You’ll need to have your EAA member number to complete the sign up process, and it will also ask you to enter aircraft information. You will only need to do this once – when we have future Young Eagle events and you participate, then that information will be automatically be entered when you register for those events.

If your plans change, it’s a simple process for you to log in again and delete your registration for any event.

Please provide any feedback as we are interested in your experiences with the process.

We will create a Young Eagles participant signup after we see how this process works for pilots.

If you have not yet completed the process to be a Young Eagles pilot or you are out of date (more than three years since completion), then please go to the EAA website and complete that process before trying to signup on Flight Squid.