Traffic Pattern Operations at Lincoln Regional Airport (KLHM)

Traffic Pattern Operations at Lincoln Regional Airport (KLHM)
Topic: A detailed look at safe Traffic Pattern Operations at the Lincoln Regional Airport
On Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Lincoln Skyways Upholstery Shop
Flightline Blvd
Hangar 1850
Lincoln, CA 95648

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Over the last 12-16 months, traffic at KLHM has increased. Also, the nature of the traffic has become more diverse. We see aircraft coming in and out, VFR and IFR flight training, parachute jumping, glider traffic, powered parachutes, helicopters, gyroplane, hot air ballons, and no-radio aircraft…

At this event we’ll take a look at the “facts” as well as recommended procedures that will keep us safe:

– Regulations governing traffic pattern at non-towered airport

– What is a left-turn only traffic pattern exactly ?

– Safe and unsafe practices

– open discussion

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