NOTAMs and You – Saturday April 14th

NOTAMs, or Notices to Airmen, are the way pilots get the most current information about everything from airport conditions to navaids, from TFRs to GPS status, and from braking action to volcanoes. Important stuff, but to many pilots the NOTAM system is a bit of mystery. How do you find the stuff you need to know about without getting lost in stuff you don’t?

Let’s spend some time taking a closer look a the NOTAM system and explore the different kind of NOTAMs. Where do they come from and what are some of the best places to look for the ones you need to know about.

Come to a BBQ Lunch with a program on NOTAMs on Saturday, April 14, at the EAA Chapter 1541 hangar (Hangar S-12) at the Lincoln Regional Airport. Lunch starts at 11:00 ($6), the one hour program at 12:00.

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