Successful Young Eagles Rally

We had an excellent Young Eagles Rally. We flew a total of 69 kids over five hours of flying. There were many chapter members and others who pitched in an helped make the Rally a success, and I want to make sure everyone knows how much it is appreciated. We had guys out at the airport at 05:45 this morning getting things ready, and a good group working on the ramp and cooking and providing administration and just being on hand to answer questions and help out. We had a few glitches but overall it went well.

In the next weeks we want to take a look at what we did right and what we could have done better today, so for anyone who participated please let us know if you saw problems that should be addressed next time. For those in the chapter who were unable to help out today, well, you missed a great activity and an opportunity to promote aviation to young people. But, take heart because we will have another Rally later in the year and you may be able to help then.

Thanks again to the eleven pilots who gave their time and aircraft, and to the multitude of helpers on the ground. We also need to thank NorCal Flight Center (chapter member Chris Braun) who generously offered us the use of their conference room for registrations, and also LRAA for the airplane demonstrator. And, the city of Lincoln and Rich and Tony provided some infrastructure stuff that we put to good use.

We have a Facebook posting on the Rally, so I would appreciate any comments or quotes from kids who were flown today, and also the posting of any photos that any of you may have taken that illustrates the day we had.

Thanks again to all who pitched in.

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