Tour Opportunity: Boeing 747 Global Super Tanker Tour at McClellan on Saturday, 9/29/18 at 13:00

As a chapter we have the opportunity to receive a personalized tour of the Boeing 747 Global Super Tanker that is currently based at the McClellan Jet Center. One of the air tanker’s pilots has offered us this opportunity to get a close look at this huge air tanker, inside and out, used around the world to fight forest and range fires. We can take up to twelve people on the tour. The plan would be to meet at the McClellan Jet Center on Saturday, September 29 at 13:00 for about a 90 minute tour with one of the pilots. We’re looking for a firm commitment so check your schedules and respond if you can commit to participating. This needs to be one of those aged 10 and older things for the tour.

We’ll take the first twelve responses but, again, please make sure you can go if you say you can. Car pooling opportunities abound and maybe a common lunch stop first, but we will figure that out after we have a list of attendees.

We will also have a presentation by pilots of this tanker at our Saturday, October 13, BBQ Lunch.

Because this is an operational air tanker, there is always the chance that it will be activated and/or dispatched out of the area prior to our tour, in which case the tour will be postponed or canceled.

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