Taxi Routes During Construction at Stockton Airport

Notice Number: NOTC8121

Federal Aviation Administration
Stockton Tower
7434 S. Lindbergh Street
Stockton, CA 95206

Issued: 10/09/2018 1530 (UTC)Stockton Tower Effective: 10/12/2018 1200 (UTC)
Letter to Airmen: LTA-SCK-1

Subject: Taxi Routes during Taxiway B Construction at Stockton Airport

Cancellation: 12/31/2018 1200 (UTC)

During the period 10/8/2018 to 12/20/2018 portions of taxiway Bravo at Stockton Metropolitan Airport will be reconstructed and the taxiway will be extended to the approach end of runway 29R. ·Complete or partial closure of runways and taxiways will require changes to normal taxi routes. Pilots can expect the following:

Aircraft parking at the Terminal, Spanos Jet Center, and the north Cargo Ramp:
1. a. Expect to exit Runway 29R at the end.
2. b. Expect to back taxi on Runway 29R for departure.

Aircraft parking the Transient Ramp and all FB0s
1. Expect to exit Runway 29R at Taxiway H, or back taxi to Taxiway Hafter landing.
2. Expect to back taxi on Runway 29R from Taxiway H for departure.

Check current NOTAMs for updates on runway/taxiway closures and use extra caution when operating around construction areas.