Build or Restore an Airplane Right the First Time

Fremont, CA
Aviation Institute of Maintenance
March 23-24, 2019

Are you ready to build or restore an airplane? Then don’t waste your time watching DIY internet videos that result in costly mistakes. Instead, enroll in an EAA SportAir Workshop and learn how to build an aircraft right with the accomplished and experienced professionals at EAA. You’ll get hands-on, in-depth training that’ll save you time, money, and sweat.

These workshops are being hosted by the Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Fremont Campus. It’s part of a network of twelve Aircraft Mechanic schools located around the country that has been training Aviation Maintenance Technicians for over four decades. There’s no better setting to learn how to build your kit aircraft!

Courses are filling up fast. Enroll now.

Electrical Systems & Avionics
We’ll teach you the clear, step-by-step process to install aircraft electrical systems, avionics and antenna systems, along with electrical system design tips. At the end of the course you will be thoroughly knowledgeable on aircraft electrical systems and have the confidence to build and install a system in your aircraft. Enroll Now

Fabric Covering
Cover a wing section from start to finish and learn how to restore or finish your fabric covered airplane. We’ll go over surface prep, installing the fabric, coatings, rib stitching, finish, and painting and detail repair techniques. Our instructors have worked on everything from Piper Cubs to B-17 bombers and will provide the expert training you need for your fabric airplane. Enroll Now

Van’s RV Fiberglass Techniques
This course will provide training in composite techniques required for completion of non-composite aircraft kits such as the Van’s RV series of aircraft and others. Projects are designed to showcase and develop skills required to finish the ever growing number of composite parts supplied by kit manufacturers. Enroll Now

Sheet Metal
Don’t be intimidated about building a sheet metal aircraft kit. This two-day course will provide extensive hands-on experience and knowledge about the process, tools, and techniques for using them. One-on-one mentoring from our expert instructor will provide you with the experience and confidence to succeed. This course is currently full. If interested, add your name to the waitlist