Hangar Work Day Saturday, April 27th

In an effort to press forward and complete the hangar upgrades we began in 2018, our chapter is having a Hangar Work Day on Saturday, April 27th. We have a good list of items that we want to accomplish during the work day. Among the items: complete the installation of insulation on the hangar doors, begin installation on insulation on the hangar ceiling; install four circulation fans from the hangar ceiling; rearrange some of the shelving storage; and do some other clean-up items. We have come a long way in upgrading the hangar to our chapter home and it is time to push through and finish the job so we can move on to other tasks. We’ll get started at about 08:00 with plenty of hot coffee and maybe even some donuts. We’ll work until we have it done, but hope that will be by 12:00 noon or so.

Please come join your fellow chapter members in our hangar endeavors. Many hands make light work, and there may be power tools involved too.

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