Donation Items Needed for Raffle, Silent Auction

Our EAA Chapter Holiday Party is shaping up nicely as we put together the final plans for the Wednesday, December 11, evening at Cattlemen’s Restaurant in Roseville.

Though our intent is to have a fun evening sharing with our fellow chapter members, friends, and families, our chapter leadership also sees the evening as an opportunity to raise money to support our scholarship fund. Toward that end, we are asking all chapter members to consider if they have contacts or ability to secure donated items for the raffle and silent auction to be held during the party. We have a growing list of some significant things that we will offer, but we are in need of some more substantial and attractive items to add to our raffle and silent auction.

If you are in a position to go to a local business with which you have a special relationship, or if your employer might consider donating something, please pursue that avenue. These items are tax deductible to the donors…we have the paperwork that we can provide to document the gifts.

Items do not have to be aviation-related – hard to believe but there are other interests out there too. Please, if you are able to secure any items, email our chapter to let us know and plan on bringing these items to either the BBQ Lunch Saturday or the Member Meeting on November 20. We will provide information about the donors during the evening to acknowledge their help in our fundraising.

Let’s have a good time and do some good at the same time. We will use all, as in 100%, of the funds raised to increase our youth sponsorship and scholarship opportunities.

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