Adventures in Crosswinds

Topic: Afraid of landing in crosswinds? Don’t be afraid any longer and treat them like a normal landing. Learn the tricks of the trade.
On Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time

San Carlos Flight Center
655 Skyway Road
San Carlos, CA 94070

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Do you remember in your training when you feared the crosswind landing? Perhaps at some level you still do. Did you find yourself preferring to land at Haward instead of San Carlos? Do you feel there are normal landings and crosswind landings?

Dan Dyer and San Carlos Flight Center, the only flight school on the west coast with a crosswind simulator, is committed to training pilots competence in all landings. In this seminar, Dan Dyer, said by some to be the west coast crosswind expert, will take you step by step through all phases of landings with and without crosswinds, so that you approach every landing the same way. With a bit of practice you will land as easy as stopping your car at a stoplight. It’s part of the flight, no big deal, in fact it will become the best and most fun part of the flight.

Imagine approaching a landing as just a landing even to the point you do not have to think too much about the crosswinds. In fact you now even enjoy the challenge of a crosswind. Don’t miss out on this seminar to be a better pilot.

Dan Dyer is a flight instructor and Chief Pilot of San Carlos Flight Center. He has been instructing for 15 years, has over 4,000 flight hours, and is the Bay Area’s local expert in crosswind landing instruction. He is known for finding simple and innovative ways to explain complex topics and regularly speaks on advanced ground school topics. Find out more about Dan at or contact him at

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