Tips for Using ForeFlight for a VFR Pilot Beginning Instrument Training

Topic: ForeFlight is a great resource for many pilots, especially while flying IFR. Join us to figure out how.
On Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 19:00 Pacific Standard Time (20:00 MST, 21:00 CST, 22:00 EST, 17:00 HST, 18:00 AKST, 20:00 Arizona, 03:00 GMT)

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ForeFlight, the iPad based electronic flight tools app, provides a lot of information for pilots to use both on the ground and in-flight. For VFR pilots that have mastered the functionality of ForeFlight relevant to VFR operations, is a different approach required?

If you are a Private Pilot beginning instrument training, you may be feeling a little lost in the fog of how to effectively use ForeFlight for your instrument training. What taps bring up the instrument approach chart? How can you use ForeFlight to plan and file an instrument flight plan? In this seminar, SCFC Chief Pilot Herb Patten will provide guidance for VFR pilots wanting to get the most out of ForeFlight, as they begin their instrument training. Tune in with your iPad at the ready so you can follow along.

Although we have many seminars devoted to ForeFlight use, this should be an interesting and new approach specifically for instrument students. Find out how to use ForeFlight to become cleared to depart and not have to go missed in your training.

Herb Patten is the Chief Pilot at the San Carlos Flight Center, a CFI and an FAA certificated advanced and instrument ground instructor who teaches private pilot ground school at San Carlos Flight Center. He is a commercial pilot with an instrument rating, has flown over 1,500 hours into at least 120 different California airports. He is the current chairman of the Upwind Foundation, famous for its Upwind Summer Scholarship Program. In 2015, Herb was named a Master Instructor by the National Association of Flight Instructors.

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