Lincoln Regional Airport Display Day Saturday, December 18th

The Lincoln Regional Airport Display Day will be held this Saturday, December 18th, at KLHM. The weather is going to be cloudy and cool with a temperature of 49F and a chance of rain. The display day crew will be there but should the weather require it, they will move the administrative portion and coffee into the Pilots Lounge.

Two Display Day members have stepped up to the plate and are taking their turn helping out running the event. Jack Allison and Tim Harrigan will be the coordinators to sign paper work and answer any questions so please make sure to thank them for stepping up. Consider doing the same and sign up for a future Display Day Saturday – the work party list will be there to sign up.

For your “Aircraft of Historical Significance” to earn a display day credit it must be displayed for a four hour period, so the display day begins at 0800 and ends at 1200 hours at LHM. Dust off your bird, bring it out for display, and don’t forget to get your paperwork signed.

The Display Day effort continues to need help. Please consider helping (especially those who directly benefit from the tax exemption).

See you at the airport on Saturday!