Piper/Cessna ADs Issued

The FAA last week issued two Airworthiness Directives (ADs) that affect several models in the Piper and Cessna GA fleets. The Cessna AD affects certain models in the 300/400 series and involves replacement and repetitive inspection of hardware securing the elevator trim push-pull rod. The Piper AD affects certain Piper PA-28 models and requires inspection of the right wing rib. Both ADs go into effect on April 26, 2016.

MOGAS Survey at KLHM

Would you use 91 octane E0 (ethanol free) MOGAS vs 100LL?

The MOGAS price will be $0.75 – $1.00 less than 100LL.

The distributor is Clear Gas in Merced.
Clear Gas is compliant with AC 23.1521-1B ‘stc’, ASTM D-439 / D-4814, FAR 139 sect 321

LRAA/Cal Pilots Association will be working legal side and presenting to the Lincoln City Counsel.

For more info, email Jim Hughes, or call him on 530-432-6608

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The Ford Tri-motor committee

trimotor We had a short turn out last Wednesday, which is understandable with the cool weather. February’s meeting will be at Cattlemens Restaurant, 2000 Taylor Road, Roseville, though, so we’ll at least be warm!

One of the points discussed was the commitment from EAA for bringing the Tri-motor to Lincoln. It’s actually happening! Not only an honor for us, but this can also be a huge money-making event for the chapter, but we need to get ready.

Next Wednesday, January 28, we will have a special meeting at Pizza Roundup, 2270 Nicolaus Rd. in Lincoln, starting at 18:00. The purpose will be to start formulating ideas for what must be addressed to maximize this event.

This document contains some thoughts that Gary put together, and we’re sure it isn’t complete or correct.

We need input!

and we need volunteers! The dates will be June 4-7, with the Tri-motor arriving on the 3rd (or earlier), and leaving on the 7th.

If you have just a morning or an evening, or just one day, or even just a couple hours, we would like to hear from you. This should be fun and we don’t want to wear anyone out. If you can’t stand, we have sitting jobs. If you can’t sit, we have standing jobs!

See the training video and the manual.

If you wish to add anything to the list, just email it to Gary, or print it out and bring to the meeting next week, or to the next chapter meeting.

I hope we fill up the meeting room at Pizza Roundup!

AD Affects 847 Alexandria Aviation LLC (Bellanca) Airplanes

On October 7, 2014, the FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive (AD) that affects certain models of Alexandria Aircraft LLC (type certificate previously held by Bellanca Aircraft Corp., Viking Aviation Inc., and Bellanca Inc.) airplanes. The AD supersedes a previous AD from 1975 (AD 75-20-06) that requires the aft fuselage structure near the top of the vertical side tubing to be inspected for cracks. AD 75-20-06 also calls for the installation of the manufacturer’s service repair kit as a terminating action for the repetitive inspections to repair any cracks found, but has since been found ineffective.

The new AD, effective November 12, 2014, removes the terminating action in the previous AD and requires continued repetitive inspections of the affected area for cracks and making all necessary replacements of cracked parts. This AD also changes the applicability to include all serial numbers. Access the AD here.