Classifieds / Wanted

Items for sale / wanted can be listed here, just send us a message.

Chris (916-316-4618) is looking for a C-frame dimpler or a DRDT dimpler and a band saw suitable for aluminum and wood – workbench top or standing.

Chris (916-316-4618) is looking for hangar mates: Commercially rated pilot has hangar at Lincoln. Currently working on project that will only take up small part of hangar. Want to keep hangar. Looking to trade hangar space for flying time during the month. Usually only fly 3-4 hours a month in local flights. If you are interested in a hangar for your plane, and don’t want to wait on list or pay big dollars, contact me.

Rich (916-968-4041) is looking for a 2.25″ compass.

Mike (916-765-3410) is looking for a couple of propellers for:

  1. Mooney 201 with an IO360-A2A
  2. Bonanza F35 with an O470

Terry needs a hangar at Lincoln for a few months while he flies off his first 40 hours.

Scott (916-716-3442) is looking for a T-hangar at Lincoln to allow him to finish the final assembly of his RV-8.

Tim is looking for a hangar for his RV-14 kit.

Mike (916-765-3410) is looking for an end hangar to store junk in.

Terry (530-320-4552) is selling a 2010 Piper Light Sport and hangar.
200 Hrs Airframe and Engine, Dynon Glass Panel, Ballistic Recovery Parachute,
Auto Pilot w/Alt Hold,Garmin GTX330-ES Xponder, Garmin 696 GPS.
No Damage History, All Logs, Always Hangared. Includes Electric Tug and Canopy Covers

Nick is selling his 2014 Sky Arrow.
100 hp Rotax 912 ULS with Total 450 hours TT, Sport Pilot legal zero time airframe with recent airworthiness certificate. New 3-blade ground adjustable Warp Drive propeller with spinner. Avionics include Grand Rapids mini-EFIS with synthetic vision, MGL Stratomaster instrumentation, Ifly 700 moving map GPS, ICOM 200 communications radio, Garmin A320 transponder with altitude encoder, and intercom system.


Bruce (650 504-4464) is selling “ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL” engine instruments, working when removed from a Super Decathalon with a Lycoming IO360 engine.

  1. SR8A engine analyzer with probes
  2. FP5L Fuel flow and fuel pressure with transducer
  3. OPT-1 Oil temp and Oil pressure with sensors

ALL FOR $800.
Proceeds go to the EAA 1541 hangar fund

TR (925 389 7445) is looking for a tug for his Bonanza.

Greg Smith is looking for a Bonanza.

Bruce (650 504-4464) is looking for an electric or gas powered tug.

Karen (916 705-6902) is looking for hangar space for a 182.

Tom finds that he can no longer fly due to serious illness, so he’s selling his unique (well, one of only 2 that he knows of) Just Aircraft Highlander Bush plane, with an O-200 Continental engine, built by LY-CON.

This is his 5th airplane build – he is a retired Mechanical Engineer, so this is a very well built and thoroughly tested aircraft with outstanding STOL performance.

Randy (916 296-9571) has an Aero Commander 1969 Darter 100 that he is selling. It is a project plane – the motor is apart (crankshaft is yellow tagged), the wings are off, and the interior is out etc. He is an A & P and Pilot and is selling as he does not have time. He is asking $6000.

Greg (916 539-9400) is looking for a J-3 Cub to fly, buy, or partner. He’s previously owned a C-85 Cub and a Maule Lunar Rocket, and has several hundred hours in tail-draggers.

Vince Hoffart, owns a Comanche and needs hangar space.

Barclay West (719 248-2131) is looking to rent or buy a hangar at Lincoln for his RV9A. He owns a hangar at Placerville that he’d consider a trade on.

David is looking for someone with G3x and GTN experience who wants to do some IFR work in an RV-9A. There are so many capabilities and he would like to work with someone who can give some pointers and advice.

David is looking for someone with scales who can help with a weight and balance check.

David has a set of main gear 500-5 tires from Desser, the elite retreads, that only have about 30 landings on them. He’ll sell them with the tubes for $30/each. Lots of wear left. Bought them last November 2016.

Zack (916 532-3350) will have hangar space for a jet or large airplane starting February 1, 2018. Hangar “A” at 1420 Flightline Drive is most the convenient hangar at Lincoln, right next to the main gate and fuel station.

An optional set of two small offices are also available.

The hangar has a 62’ bi fold door 15’ tall and he’s interested in one jet/plane only.

Brad (916 220-9550) has a set of wing tips for a Cessna 172 N model available. There’s some small cracking. Easy to fix. $150 for both tips.

George (916 316-8081) is in the process of bringing a completed Kitfox (120 hours) to the Sacramento area in the next couple of weeks and needs hanger space until he can build a trailer and keep the airplane at his house. The Kitfox is 80″x22′ folded, so hopefully he can find a corner in someone’s hanger until he’s finished building the trailer.

Charlie is looking for an aircraft detailer. His RV-8 was the victim of aerosol paint over-spray due to a neighbor who decided to paint his aircraft in the hangar next door. He now has paint over-spray all over the plane including the canopy.

He’s looking for a reference for a high quality, experienced, professional aircraft detailer who could take a look and see if it is a good candidate for a procedure that would restore it to its former glory.

Jim (775) 790-1396 at EAA 403 is looking to sell a Zodiac 601 XL Tail Dragger Quick Build Project

This project started as a teaching tool for young school age children. The original price of the kit was $30,000 including structural upgrade kit(wing and wing carry through modification kit), dual controls, and tail wheel. All control surfaces complete. One wing is approximately 90% complete. The fuselage, which was nearly completed by the factory, is on the main gear. All work was supervised by an A&P, AI.

They do not have the space or personnel to complete the project, and are asking $15,000 for the project including some tools. The project is located in Carson City, Nevada at the Carson City Airport, KCXP

Bruce (650) 504-4464 has a Garmin 430W (WASS) that was working when removed for upgrade. No tray,connectors, or backplate. He does have the manuals. $6,500. Can be seen at Lincoln Airport.

Jack Allison (916) 835-4530 is looking for a hangar, as the owner for J-10 is selling. They have an Arrow, N2104T, and don’t yet know a timeframe for having to vacate.

Matt (415) 225-0173 is looking for hangar space at Lincoln for a Bonanza A36.

David has an extra heat muff for the Vetterman exhaust that he doesn’t need. It’s free to anyone who wants it.