Member Spotlight – Bruce Robinson

Text and Photo by Bruce Estes

Bruce Robinson has always loved aviation. So, in 1962 he took the plunge and started working on his Private Pilot’s License. One year later, Bruce was a licensed pilot and could pursue his passion of aviation. Like a lot of us, life got in the way of Bruce’s passion and he ended up taking a long break. But, thanks to a neighbor of Bruce’s, who is an A&P mechanic and an IA, Bruce’s passion was rekindled. Bruce was able to get back behind the control yoke about 5 years ago.

Bruce has a variety of work experiences. He started as a chemist, doing liquid rocket fuel research for Aerojet General. While doing a two year stint Bruce did biological and chemical research for the Army. Today, Bruce is semi retired, but still finds time to work with two partners restoring grand pianos. Bruce is also a board member of our EAA chapter and is in charge of education development. His goal is to “develop an ongoing program for older Young Eagles with hands on activities to further stimulate their interest in aviation”.

Bruce owns a 1966 Cessna 150 and a 1963 Cessna 172. He keeps both of them at McClellan Airport. He has had a variety of flying experiences, and has flown skydivers from a Cessna 182 while in the Army. Bruce has his tail wheel endorsement and has flown a Piper Super Cub.

Bruce has had a long time interest in EAA and AOPA. EAA 1541 is fortunate to have Bruce Robinson as a member and Board Member.