President’s Corner

With the outlook of clear and warm weather coming we (the EAA board members and officers) are looking at some new and fun activities for the coming months. As many EAA
Chapter 1541 members have seen recently, there is a survey out to consider having the monthly chapter meetings on a Saturday morning rather than Wednesday evening. This might be limited to summer months only to deal with the heat of evening meetings. We could do this most effectively if the meeting were to be changed to the 2nd or 4th Saturday to avoid conflict with LRAA’s display day or, if on the same Saturday as LRAA’s event, we would have a 12:00 lunch meeting with a member meeting after lunch. Whatever the day that is ultimately decided to be the best for all, the following is some of the thinking behind the change.

Based upon what many folks have said at the Saturday pancake breakfast, “now that breakfast is over and I’m here at the airport, I think I’ll go for a flight.” Why not take advantage of that timing opportunity for a flight with a fellow EAA member? This could be a way to build friendships and to share the fun. As for the chapter monthly meetings, no decision has been finalized yet so there is time to talk to a Board member or send an email to myself or Jim Hughes with your ideas as well. I hope to hear from you on this subject.

On another front and somewhat related to what is discussed above is a new activity program that is to be headed by Scott Thompson, our monthly newsletter editor. To offer additional membership activities and to use the EAA hangar on nearly every weekend, Scott is putting together programs that are aimed at educational and technical programs. Events might include Wings Presentations, how-to clinics, and other aviation programs that should be of interest to members and guests. Another recently suggested idea was to organize a monthly Fly-out. Fly –outs would likely be to meet at an airport within a 40 minute flight time for lunch. This would also be a great time to bring a fellow member.

As you can see we are always looking for ways to make membership in the chapter fun and educational. Please take the time to share your ideas to help make EAA Chapter 1541 a great experience.