The March Chapter Meeting…

Chapter 1541s First Standing Ovation!
by Ron Wright
photos by Ron Wright and Jim Hughes

If you were not at Cattlemens last month Roseville. you missed a presentation that rocked the room.

Brian Shul, SR-71 Sled Driver, filled the room with motivation, dedication to personal goals, and self-optimism. For anyone not familiar with Brian’s story, you can
go to YouTube and watch any number of videos that detail his story of being a survivor from a fireball crash in Vietnam, his horrific recovery from extensive burns from the crash, and his new life after the recovery.

Ultimately, he went on to become one of a select few as a “Sled driver” pilot of the SR-71. Brian’s presentation was often funny but was consistently inspirational to hear. He made all present recognize the self-potential that lives in all of us if we chose to recognize it.

The presentation was an entertaining balance between the love of flying and of self-discovery. At the conclusion of Brian’s presentation, he signed his book of SR-71 photography for all those that purchased. He sold 26 books at $225.00 each! That could only be done by touching the hearts of everyone in the room which in turn resulted in 1541’s first standing ovation for a speaker.

For more on Brian Shul, visit his website.