Member Spotlight – Mike Moore

by Bruce Estes

Like a lot of us, Mike Moore had always dreamed about flying but finances, family, and life got in the way of him pursuing his dream. Finally, the stars were in alignment. Mike was semi-retired, and finances were no longer an issue. Mike and his wife, Kira, took a discovery flight out of Auburn about five years ago and they both loved the experience. The hook was set in both of them. Mike and Kira both got their Private Pilot’s License.

Then, Mike bought his first airplane, a Kitfox knockoff that Mike purchased for $10,000 in Arizona. The wings folded so Mike towed the airplane to his home in Newcastle, did a lot of work on it to make it airworthy, but decided that this airplane was not for him. So, Mike did what any airplane loving person would do. Mike bought a Grumman Cheetah, flew it for awhile, sold it and upgraded to a Piper Cherokee, flew it for awhile, sold it and upgraded to a Grumman Tiger (which he still owns). He also recently purchased an RV-6A. Also, Mike owned a Cessna 150 for a while. When asked what airplane is/
was your favorite Mike replied “The RV6 by far.”

Mike spent ten years as an appraiser for Placer County. Mike also did independent appraisal work. He wisely started investing in real estate many years
ago and today manages his portfolio of investment properties.

Mike can often be seen at the airport with his two sons, Ryan, who is twelve, and Dylan, who is ten. Mike says that Ryan is passionate about aviation and without a doubt will be a commercial pilot. Mike brings his sons to the EAA breakfasts often.

Mike is easy to spot at Lincoln Airport. He is the guy with the “RV Grin.” Mike, thanks for joining Chapter 1541 and congrats on the RV-6A purchase.