Chapter 1541 Forming IMC Club

As aviators know, IMC means Instrument Meteorological Conditions, or flying solely by reference to the instruments in the cockpit and the available navigation aids, with a little help from our ATC friends. Flying IFR is a definite step up in skill and knowledge level for any aviator, and there are unique challenges not encountered by typical visual flying.

Our chapter has decided to expand our offerings by forming an IMC Club, taking advantage of an EAA program already in place. EAA/IMC Club, through the EAA worldwide chapter structure, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. It is the only program of its kind. Believing that safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience, meetings use real-world scenarios to engage members and allow them to share and build their expertise.

Board member Dan Masys has agreed to be our chapter IMC Club facilitator, and he is in the process of undergoing training on how to run an IMC Club. The time commitment to participate in the IMC Club is limited and specific: the club will meet once a month and the meetings will last one hour. The format is designed to distill out information and encourage discussion. Our chapter has not yet decided when this club meetings will be held…possibilities would be a weekday evening or a Saturday morning or afternoon. We will take an informal poll to see what time will meet the schedule needs of the greatest number of participants. And, this is not only a program for IFR pilots; all pilots can benefit from the discussions to be held. More information will be available soon.