Member Spotlight – Tom Lieb

by Bruce Estes

Every airport needs a Tom Lieb. Tom is not only a board member for EAA Chapter 1541, but is also on the Board of Directors for LRAA (Lincoln Regional Airport Association). Tom is one of those guys that doesn’t make a big public splash, but is always in the background helping with activities around the airport. Among many things, Tom helps with the monthly LRAA Display Day. Tom sees serving on the two boards as an opportunity to participate at Lincoln Airport. And, Tom has made many new friends by getting involved at the airport.

Tom learned to fly in 2009 at Boeing Field. Tom had always wanted to fly gliders, but was advised to get his Private Pilot License for powered aircraft, and then could easily get a glider “add on” rating later. Currently, Tom has his Private, but is still working on the glider rating. Tom has flown Cessnas, Pipers, and has about 40 hours in a Diamond Star with a glass panel. Tom loved the Diamond Star.

Tom’s goals for the future are to continue staying active flying, get his glider “add on” rating, possibly get an IFR rating, and sometime in the future, own his own airplane.

Tom- thanks for all of your help with EAA, LRAA, and Lincoln Airport in general.