President’s Corner

Chapter Hangar Update

Our Chapter 1541 hangar feels like a never ending story. As long and drawn out this has become, I will continue to update our membership every 60 to 90 days.

The latest is that the city of Lincoln has still not finalized the lease renewals and ground rent details with Nunno Corporation. This places our chapter in a holding pattern (pardon the aviation comparison) in anticipation of their final resolution. Unfortunately, time marches on and our current lease necessitated an extension to maintain our option to purchase and continue to rent. As a result, we were fortunate to negotiate a small rental reduction through the end of the year and then have the option to continue to rent for another six months thereafter, if necessary. For the time being we are in good shape. Overall, the delays we have been subject to have been frustrating at the very least.

Along with the current rent/buy arrangement, your chapter board has explored other options that are on the back burner so-to-speak. We have looked into the rental of another hangar that would be a little more affordable monthly; however, there would not be an ownership opportunity. This option could be exercised at our discretion should the city of Lincoln and Nunno come to terms that are not in line with what we at EAA would view as a workable solution for our needs.

Lastly, there are the prospects that a major non-profit operation is considering a move to KLHM. More can’t be said about this right now because of ongoing discussions. But, this could change things again wherein EAA might eventually conduct meetings at a new facility owned by the non-profit in the future. This would likely not happen for three to five years from now. However, it is something to consider if we are to proceed with the purchase of a hangar as opposed to renting.

At the end of the day this is what we do know: Chapter 1541 needs a home hangar. Our membership needs a place to meet, share time with one another and have various programs to benefit our EAA vision and aviation community. We all seem to share that belief and to that extent there will always be a home hangar for us. Your board has positioned us in a good place to achieve that need regardless of what City of Lincoln, Nunno Corporation, and other possibilities may end up being. This has been a journey with many twists and turns. However, we will continue to prosper regardless of what may be placed in our path.

I will continue to provide updates as events unfold.