President’s Corner

by Ron Wright Chapter President

Time goes by so fast! I want to say how fortunate I am to have been part of EAA as President of Chapter 1541 for the past two years. Five years ago we started 1541 with a great group of believers sharing the idea that there was an unmet need for an EAA community in Lincoln. Thanks to our first President Ken Schwartz, Dick Rupe VP, and a dozen others we got EAA 1541 off the ground. I was a Board member back then and one of the original hamburger chefs at our monthly meetings. Back then we held our meetings in various locations around the airport. We were a little here and there but the energy and momentum of what we were doing was contagious. Years two and three were led by President Richard Bristow and myself as Vice President. We started to become recognized as a great club with each passing year. Now we are closing the books on my Presidency for years four and five. We are known among our membership and other EAA chapters as a great club with frequent activities that educate and entertain. Our membership hovers near 100 and we even have a home base that provides a point from which we conduct many events and meetings and will continue to do so for years to come.

As my Presidency concludes I want to thank all of those that helped to make it all come together. I couldn’t be more thankful for my fellow Officers and Board members that always showed up and did the work week after week. They were always there to make everything work for everyone. Looking to the future, I am particularly excited to see so many new faces on the new Board and our new President Scott Thompson, Vice President Tom Lieb, and Jim Hughes as Secretary/Treasurer (the guy that holds it all together). With excellent leaders like these and a Board and membership full of ideas the best is yet to be. The coming year will be very exciting.

This is my last week as your President and I have a parting request. Please make an effort to get involved and participate in 1541 activities. If you have an idea share it and come to a meeting, a pancake breakfast, a fly out etc. You will get so much more out than what you put in. I have been a
Board member or Officer for 5 years and have dozens of EAA friends as a result. What a wonderful pay back for getting involved. Please get involved, you will be glad that you did.

Safe Flying,

Ron Wright