EAA Ford Tri-Motor Coming To Lincoln???

Our chapter has been presented the opportunity to host the EAA Ford Tri-Motor over the weekend of April 25-28, 2019. If the 1920s vintage airliner comes, we will organize a four-day event that will sell $75 rides to the area residents and provide our chapter with the opportunity to promote the Lincoln Airport and our wider aviation community.

Longer term members may recall when the chapter first hosted the Ford Tri-Motor back in June 2015, a very successful effort that saw the chapter organize a record number of riders in the aircraft.

This new opportunity for the chapter is contingent upon us securing the use of a large hangar on the airport, so our chapter board is first working to determine if a suitable hangar might be available. However, our chapter leadership is also sensitive to the amount of work required by the chapter in order to pull off a successful event such as this. Therefore, we are also soliciting the level of interest for our chapter membership to support the hosting of the EAA Tri-Motor. We are going to informally poll the membership seeking to determine if sufficient support is available because this will be a volunteer-intensive effort. If the enthusiastic support is not there in the chapter membership, we won’t move forward on this event. Please consider how you might want to help in this potential activity because chance are you will be asked this question in the near future.