Help Wanted

So, the chapter has some new informational banners that we place about the airport to announce our delicious pancake breakfasts, our scrumptious BBQ lunches, and our enviable dinner member meetings. These banners need to go up a few days before the events and come down after the event is over. If you have always wanted to carry a bunch of banners around in the trunk of your car and help promote our chapter’s events, this job is for you. It is ideal for someone who hangs around the airport a lot, but it turns out that is pretty much all the people in the chapter. But if you hang around the airport during weekdays and have some trunk space available, and if it sounds like something you might want to do, then please email Scott.

Communications Guy or Gal
We are looking for that special media savvy person who is comfortable with social media and email stuff. Our chapter wants to make sure we are
communicating well and in every way possible to our members, our prospective members, and anyone else who might be listening or reading. We have a Facebook page and make entries in Socialflight, and have a newsletter and shoot out email blasts. We want to take advantage of community news outlets and calendars and other things we don’t even know about because we are old. In all that we do, though, we want to broadcast a coordinated and consistent message, attractive and engaging. This will take a creative and somewhat clever person who likes to do a bit of work for absolutely no pay. If you are clever and media savvy, who knows the ins and outs of social media, and want to contribute to our chapter doing an excellent
job of communicating, please email Scott.