Air Academy Sponsorships Awarded by Chapter

Our chapter leadership is very happy to announce the two young ladies who have been awarded full EAA Chapter 1541 sponsorship for each to attend EAA Air Academy summer programs to be held this July at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Amy Whelan, age 16, will attend the Advanced Air Academy to be held July 16-24. The EAA Advanced Air Academy provides an atmosphere for mature students to become totally immersed in the world of flight. Ground instruction and introductory recreation flight experiences highlight this meaningful, action-packed camp. It combines “in-the-air” and “on-the-ground” hands-on activities. The EAA Advanced Air Academy also includes full participation (access to forums, flightline and all associated activities) at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which overlaps with the dates of the Air Academy.

Amy is a chapter member, has participated in many chapter events including Young Eagle Rallys, and is also active in many other activities among which is a high school ROTC program. She has already taken a private pilot ground school and had a few flight lessons. Her goal is to attend the Air Force Academy, receive a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and become an Air Force pilot flying C-17s.

Sarah Wallin, age 14, will attend the Basic Air Academy to be held July 7-12. The EAA Basic Air Academy is developed for the intermediate 14- and 15-year-olds with classroom and media presentations, specialized laboratory activities, and aviation-related demonstrations. Activities at the EAA Basic Air Academy are designed to interest and challenge students and include such activities as an aviation ground school, a tech workshop that builds a wing rib and metal parts, tours the EAA museum and Pioneer Airport, and takes part in both airplane and helicopter flights.

Sarah has long had her eyes on the sky and comes from an aviation themed family, all of who participate in our chapter’s activities on a regular basis. Sarah is exploring career ideas that might morph into become a flying veterinarian and/or a flight instructor. She is also looking at opportunities in air traffic control, so the Air Academy is a great opportunity for her to learn about various career paths that are available, as well as reinforce the pure fun of flying.

Our chapter leadership decided to focus our efforts to administer the Richard and Susan Memorial Scholarship Program toward providing opportunities for young people to attend the EAA Air Academy and similar aviation camps. With support and fund raising, we hope to expand the program to offer more sponsorships in the coming year.

For this year’s program, we had nine applicants between the ages of 13 and 17. Our selection committee was led by Cheryl Andrade and included Darren Coomier and John House, all of which are members of the chapter Board of Directors. Each applicant submitted a detailed written application that was followed by personal interviews held by the committee. It was a difficult decision to make as all the applicants were excellent and well qualified. Our only regret is that we could not send all nine.

The sponsorship pays the tuition to the Air Academy and allows a stipend for round-trip air transportation between Sacramento and Oshkosh. The entire Air Academy experience is administered and controlled by specialists with the EAA with lodging and meals at the EAA Lodge on the grounds at Oshkosh. Look for announcements in the fall of 2019 as we begin the process for the next young people we will sponsor for 2020.