Aviation News Talk

By: Bob Leuten, EAA Chapter 20 (San Carlos)

Finding bargains in field of General Aviation (GA) is difficult. One such bargain is subscribing to the podcast, Aviation News Talk. What’s the cost you ask? It’s FREE! Aviation News Talk has been around since April 2017 with approximately 100 episodes available for download. More about how to listen to the podcasts later.

The host of Aviation News Talk is Max Trescott. He is a Master CFI, a Gold Seal CFI and was selected as the 2008 CFI of the Year. He’s been a pilot for over 40 years and holds Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificates in all four airplane categories: ASEL, AMEL, ASES and AMES. His shows are approximately one-hour long and are published every week or so. The podcasts are rich in need-to-know General Aviation news and educational topics that would be of interest to pilots of all skill levels and experience. Because Max is based at the Palo Alto Airport, his podcasts have a rich flavor in Northern California topics such as his recent episode on how San Jose’s Reid Hillview Airport is under threat of being closed (episode 93). He has authored several books and CD courses on GA topics including GPS/WAAS and the Garmin G1000 Handbook.

These days his instruction activities are specializing in Cirrus Aircraft including the SR-20 and SR-22. He also teaches in the new single-engine Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet in which he recently received his type rating—yes, it’s an ATP type rating! Max is frequently a featured speaker at GA conventions, safety seminars and fly-ins (including AirVenture at Oshkosh) where he gives presentations on advanced IFR techniques and other topics. Look for him at the upcoming AOPA Regional Fly-In at the Livermore Airport, Friday and Saturday, June 21 and 22, 2019. You may have heard his voice on various broadcast radio stations where he is often interviewed as an expert on various aviation newsworthy events.

Each episode of Aviation News Talk has a theme and, in addition, GA news. Recent podcasts covered crosswind landings, IFR arrival procedures, what to expect on a Flight Review (formerly called a “BFR”) and ForeFlight tips & tricks. Frequently Max will interview a guest such as a survivor of a carbon monoxide poisoning aircraft accident (episode 90) or an expert on Pilot Weather (episode 92.) I particularly enjoyed episode 69 where he interviewed Jack Pelton, the EAA Chairman and CEO. Max’s interview technique is professional—his emphasis is on the guest and the topic, not himself. Max’s voice is easy to listen to; that of a polished radio announcer, a field in which he is experienced.

Listening to the Podcasts
My suggestion is to start with the Aviation News Talk web site, www.AviationNewsTalk.com. There you can pick any topic that interests you and listen on your smartphone or computer. (No sign-up is necessary—just click and listen.) Web site links to more information on the topics discussed are provided and easily located. If you like what you hear, you should go the podcast route. There are two ways to listen to the podcasts:

  1. Go to your smartphone podcast app and search for Aviation News Talk – select the “subscribe” option so
    that you’ll be notified when new episodes are available and help the show’s ratings, or:
  2. Go to the iPhone or iPad App Store (or Google Play Store for Android devices) and search for Aviation
    News Talk. Download the App—it’s FREE—and select the “subscribe” option for the same reasons as in 1. above.

Full Disclosure
Yes, I said that the Aviation News Talk podcasts are free and I stand by that. However, Max Trescott will, on each episode, solicit voluntary monthly donations through Patreon, billed to your credit card. The pitch to contribute is polite, low-pressure and short. I subscribed to the Aviation News Talk podcast for a couple of months before I set up a modest $8 per month Patreon contribution. I consider it a bargain.