Low Speed Aerodynamics Explanation Available

Chapter member Marty Maisel, who spent a long career as an aeronautical engineer, has prepared a detailed explanation of basic low speed aerodynamics that we have posted as a link on our chapter website. The document can be found here.
Marty introduces the paper with the following information:

“I thought a discussion of basic low speed aerodynamics might be of interest for some of our EAA Chapter members so I prepared a series of notes that will address the topic. My intent is to provide an overview of the fundamentals of aerodynamics and its application to some basic aircraft performance evaluations. This will not be a complete course on aerodynamics. On the other hand, because I will show some of the basic relationships between velocity, air density, wing area and the forces that are produced, there is probably more detailed information in these notes than many will need. However, for those who might be interested in this technical review, I would hope it would serve as a refresher to some or will provide a better understanding for others. The end-point focus of these discussions will be on “applied” aerodynamics – so there will be no in-depth discussions of aerodynamic theory such as vortex concepts. Nevertheless, equations will be used to help explain the fundamentals and the significance and relationships of the parameters that affect aircraft performance.”

For chapter members with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of why airplanes fly, check it out. Marty is always looking for feedback and his email address is on the paper.