President’s Corner

By Darren Coomler

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending” Carl Brad

Dear members and friends of EAA Chapter 1541, the future for this season of this chapter is limitless.

Our collective vision executed together can leave a legacy for young and old. This month I would like to focus on new beginnings this includes the “Future Aviators”, our new food menu and upcoming projects.

The Future Aviators will be a subgroup within our chapter that will cater to new aviators, young and old. I’d like this group to self-direct their agenda, according to their interests and skill levels, setting their own meeting topics, programs and field trips to grow with our support and knowledge.

Their first project is a series of increasingly capable flight simulators. Most of us think of this as a simple screen and basic controls that mimic flight. Oh no, this group, with the help of Dan Masys, is creating a simulator “pod” which surrounds the user at the controls. Next will be a computerized full motion platform for the pod that will move with the simulator aircraft. Beyond that, a simulator with VR goggles! VR? Virtual Reality, this means no monitor screen! The pilot wears a small headset over their eyes that is a condensed monitor that works with the body movements. Way cool!

This series of projects will need the help of the members to fabricate the frame, electronic, actuators and may other crafts. The goal is to have the first version of the simulator pod up and running before Airport Fun Day. When it arrives in the EAA hangar, check it out!
Our food menu has hit a home run by the Whelan Family! WAY TO GO! The goal of menu changes is to promote more friends and family attending our functions. The last two events we have had visitors from other chapters fly in and experience this fine food and fellowship; all have said they plan to return.

Upcoming projects include looking at plans to start a kitplane build, purchase of our hangar, and possibly helping to start a flying club that is a stand-alone from EAA, to give access to reduced rates to fly.

I must thank the Board for their wonderful ideas and input. This is a group that is going to make great things happen. With that said we still have two open board seats that need to be filled. I encourage you to step forward and get on board (haha!). Your efforts are leaving a legacy for our EAA and future generations.

We have so many talented individuals in our group, my wish is that our many years of experience can be imparted to the upcoming generation of aviators. Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of you at our next event.