President’s Corner

by Darren Coomler
Welcome Chapter 1541 Members and Friends,

Who would have ever thought that monitoring the status of the distribution of a vaccine would be a part of any planning of things from vacations to employee hiring? At the chapter’s Board of Directors meet earlier this month, we were finally able to start thinking about face-to-face meetings this year.

One of the items the chapter will be adding to upcoming newsletters is reporting on chapter member’s various project statues (i.e., installation of new interiors, new avionics, paint, new plane build, etc.). We tend to focus primarily on a new plane builds, because it’s understandably exciting and a major undertaking, but any project that may have multiple phases, long durations, or goal can be of great interest to us all. I think that the joys of our aviation pursuit include all aspects of the experience. Don’t even get me started on how I have interesting reactions and interests in the various smells that I experience in the hanger and in the plane! I am sure many of you can relate.

As many of you know I received my Private Pilot certificate late last year, and now I am enjoying the pleasure of flying with my family and friends. Recently I enjoyed flying a friend that had never experienced a small GA aircraft flight. I made sure that it was a calm day and had extra zip lock bags on board; for, well, you know… Joel, my passenger, was abnormally quiet during the runup, take off, and climb to level flight. Once there I asked if he was ok, as I was concerned with his quietness. Joel responded with a profession of amazement in the experience and the perspective of his home and town from 3000’. After the flight he still was noticeably quiet. During dinner with he and our spouses, I was amazed when he informed us that he is planning to now sell his antique gun collection to buy a plane and learn to fly with it. Being a part of someone’s experience of this type flight for the first time, and the enthusiasm to pursue aviation is something I never expected, but was wonderful to experience.

I encourage any of you who not participating in the Young Eagles program, to go ahead and get signed up. We have a mission in EAA to share the aviation experience. I’m looking forward to sharing flight with the next generation and seeing the same amazement that Joel had.

Lastly, please renew your chapter membership so you won’t miss the chance of great things!