Member Spotlight – Dick Rupe


This month’s spotlight is on Dick Rupe. Dick is 79 years young, and if you don’t think that’s young, just try following Dick for a day. As a child, Dick was always looking at airplanes in the sky, and he knew that someday he would be a pilot. Dick started flying in 1960. He quit counting his hours when he got to 3,000. Dick has owned 8 different airplanes, but says that his Piper Cub J-3 was his favorite. He admits that maybe it’s his favorite because the Cub was the first airplane he owned. Today, Dick owns a Just Aircraft “Escapade” that he built, and is currently building an RV-6A with Ken Schwartz. Dick flies the Escapade a lot, sometimes just around the pattern, or maybe to a local event.
Dick retired from the Air Force after 29 years in active and reserve duty where he was a jet mechanic and flight engineer. In addition, Dick worked as an aircraft mechanic for many years at McClellan Airport, and also owned an automotive shop.
These days, Dick can be found at Lincoln Airport on most mornings, where he is typically helping someone on a project. Dick has a wealth of knowledge and loves to share that knowledge with anyone that needs help. Dick is also one of the more active members of EAA 1541, always helping our chapter with events. Whether it’s cleaning a hangar for the Tri-Motor, or making coffee for the monthly meetings, you can count on Dick to be there helping.
Dick was one of 5 people that formed our EAA 1541 Chapter about 3 years ago, and was Vice President for the first year. We all are very fortunate to have Dick as a member. If you are at the airport in the morning, look for Dick around the North hangars. Stop by and say “hello”. He’s a great guy.