President’s corner

Happy New Year to all of us in chapter 1541. Along with the New Year we have new projects taking shape that will be fun and informative activities for 2016.

This is our first chapter Newsletter, and I look forward to the Club actively supporting it. Richard and Bruce will be looking for your input as well for informative and entertaining articles, so reach out to them if you have something to contribute.

One of my goals for 1541 will be to establish three primary areas of content for our chapter. By this I mean to equally provide: (1) a fun and entertaining environment to promote our common interests and friendships. There may be hard work to be done with some of our projects but let’s have fun doing it; (2) let’s learn something too. Great speakers and informative content is always the goal and I have more about this in a moment; and (3) let’s promote the love of flight in our Young Eagles effort and make it something that might spark the love of flight in a young person as we were touched by the magic of seeing the earth from above years ago.

On the subject of learning I am working on arranging a February speaker by the name of Brian Brown. Brian lives in the Lodi area and is a survivor of the crash of his Cessna in a Rocky mountain snow storm. Brian’s wife and Daughter were also on board. The story has a happy ending for all, however the moment-by-moment decisions and developments provide many opportunities to learn from his frightening experience.

Brian is a California Firefighter and is trained in first aid and as he will tell all of his skills contributed to a happy ending. Brian’s experience is something that he will share with us in February and the best part of his presentation is that he is presentation is a WINGS credit presentation. For the first time we will receive Wings credit for attending one of our meetings. The great thing about Wings credit is that it can reduce your insurance by taking part in the presentation.

I will be looking for at least 2 more wings credit presentations for 2016. If you would like to preview Brian’s talk you can watch his interview on Youtube at the following link. . We will have more information on this via email in the coming weeks.

For now, we are planning to have our January and February meetings at Beermans and will consider going there for a very hot July and August meeting as well.

There are many more things to come in 2016. Thank you for your participation in making 1541 a fun and dynamic chapter.