Village 5 and the Lincoln Airport

On December 12, the Lincoln City Council decided in favor of moving forward with the Village 5 development. Village 5 will build houses, schools, and businesses into the area south and southwest of the Lincoln airport. This development will eventually impact airport operations for both runways 15 (departures) and 33 (arrivals).

The Lincoln Regional Aviation Association (LRAA) and others have been involved with the county and city in the long process leading up to this recent decision in a persistent attempt to highlight the aviation issues with Village 5.

But, along with the city’s approval of Village 5 over the concerns of LRAA and other aviation users, the city has also informally suggested to the LRAA that it is receptive to discussions to try and mitigate the impact of Village 5 to the Lincoln Airport and its users.

On Saturday, December 30, Chapter 1541 held a roundtable discussion with the LRAA and other interested pilots and airport users to exchange information and feedback with the LRAA. The LRAA is making a strong effort to modify the planning to constructively incorporate the best possible outcome for the airport. Our chapter fully supports the LRAA effort and will maintain a very interested eye in the planning for Village 5. This
development will have an impact on KLHM so it would behoove us to pay close attention.