President’s Corner

So a new year starts and away we go. Our chapter board is laying down the ground work for the winter and spring months ahead.

We look forward to processing our first applicants to select two young people to attend the EAA Air Academy at Oshkosh this coming July. By all accounts, the Air Academy is an excellent program to introduce and reinforce a future in aviation for any young person with a curious eye toward the sky. I am excited to see where this sponsorship initiative of our chapter leads.

Also on our calendar is the first Young Eagle Rally of 2019 to be held on Saturday, May 4. Chapter 1541 held two such Rallys in 2018, and that seemed to provide a good balance for planning and execution, so we are moving forward to duplicate 2018 with a Rally in May and another in October.

Beyond that, we are always on the lookout for good programs that will provide a variety of education, entertainment, and social opportunities for our chapter. Our pattern has become one program a month during the second Saturday BBQ lunch, and one program set up for our evening member meetings. As I said, we are always looking for some good ideas so if you have any, please let me or any of the chapter board members know.

Along with the new year we have had one change to our chapter board of directors. Long a staple in the chapter leadership, board member Bill Wooton regretfully resigned his position on the board due to demanding time and work constraints. He will still be around at the chapter events when he can. If you see him, you might give him a well-earned thank you for his service to our chapter. We will still call on him from time to time, and he has already volunteered the service of both he and his wife, Jody, to help put together the silent auction for our next Holiday Party in December. They did a great job last month and we thank them both for their continued service to our chapter.

We also have a few other things we are throwing in the pot for the year to come..more on that later. It should be a fun and interesting 2019 for the chapter so stick around, pay your dues, and look toward the blue skies.