A Long Project Becomes a Plane

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020 chapter member John Tate’s RV-6A loosed the surly bonds and became a flying aircraft.

Originally started in 1997, the project had passed through the hands of three previous builders before John was able to get it to the finish line of a successful airworthiness inspection and RV grin-generating first flight.

John Tate and his RV-6A

Many EAA 1541 members helped along the way, particularly Dick Rupe, Ken Schwartz and Tech Counselor Dan Masys. The aircraft’s registration, N787TJ, reflects both John’s day job as a Dreamliner pilot for United, and the fact that all of the good N7xx numbers ending in JT had already been reserved by a pilot named John Travolta.

Congratulations, John!