President’s Corner

By Darren Coomler

Hello EAA 1541, Happy New Year!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Darren Coomler and I’m your new chapter president> Before I get much further I need to thank Scott Thompson and the previous Board of Directors.

This team has done a great many thing to strengthen the chapter, from major upgrades to the hanger, public outreach including Young Eagles, Airport Fun Day, and LRAA display days, to scholarships for young aviation enthusiasts. This group has also provided excellent member meeting programs covering all types of interesting aviation related topics.

My immediate goal is to continue the programs and actives set forth by this team with same level of commitment.

I little about myself: I’ve been a member of this chapter for a little over 2 years now, and I fly a 1976 Piper Warrior that I co own with my son-in-law Tim Cooper. I’m a Student Pilot, with my PPL check ride scheduled for mid- February. I feel that my current rating gives me a different perspective on how we approach our chapter activities. By becoming an aviator at a later age, I wanted to fully immerse myself in everything aviation since I really knew nothing. I joined AOPA, EAA, and chapter 1541.

Joining our chapter has been everything I hoped for and more. With the rich aviation history and experience that our combined membership possesses there is no question flight- or airplane-related I can’t seem to find that someone in our chapter has first-hand experience with.

I would like to utilize this vast resource of experience and knowledge our members possess in another goal I have for the upcoming year. With the success of the Young Eagles and Airport Fun Days I see that the public is very interested in experiencing more aviation-related
activities after they attend one of these events. As part of encouraging these folks to join our chapter, I’d like to have some of our experienced aviation-related members share their personal experiences and career paths. We have a couple of current member families with young people looking at career options in aviation, and chapter members have stepped up and gone out of their way to help these youth on their journey. I can’t think of a better calling than to help the future aviators with a vision of what could be.

I’ll make a point to introduce myself to all of you over the next few member meeting and get
your input on ideas for activities for the upcoming year.

Thank you!