Board of Directors Update

Due to health issues of his wife requiring his full attention, long time board member Bob Miller has chosen to resign from our chapter’s Board of Directors. Bob has been a steady influence on our board through the years and we regret his resignation but we certainly understand it. We wish the best for Bob and his wife, Patti, and hope to see them back at our meetings and events in the near future. Many thanks to him for his years of service to our board and chapter.

In his place, the board has asked Cheryl Andrade to complete Bob’s term and Cheryl has agreed. Cheryl is a relatively new member of our chapter, having joined earlier this year, but she brings a wealth of EAA experience with her from her prior involvement in other chapters. She volunteered to become our chapter’s Young Eagles Coordinator and did much to make our May 12 Rally the success that it was. Welcome to Cheryl.