The Derelict Lincoln B-25

The B-25 that Dave Yost and his friend played upon back in the early 1960s was probably B-25J 44-30925 that carried the civil registration of N9494Z. It was delivered to the Army in March 1945 and used for training pilots. It was declared surplus by the USAF and sold in 1960 to National Metals at Phoenix, Arizona. It was purchased by John Carter and Will Baptist of Sacramento in July 1960 and based at Lincoln. What, if anything, it was used for by Carter and Baptist is unknown and it was sold on to new owners in August 1964. This particular B-25 was later purchased for use in the filming of the movie Catch-22 in 1969, appearing with the nose art of Laiden Maiden in that film.

After that filming was over it went on to appear in the movie Hanover Street as Gorgeous Georgia Ann. It ended up as derelict in Great Britain but was eventually dismantled and sent to Brussels, Belgium, for restoration for an air museum where it will be put on static display.