President’s Corner

It’s like “fighting city hall”; we’ve all heard that expression. Its meaning implies slow decision making with layers upon layers of rules that must be followed for reasons that we just don’t understand. As an example, if you’ve ever pulled a building permit to do a home improvement, it always seems to take twice as long because of never ending rules and review of government.

Then, finally, lo and behold, the permit is issued and the project is completed and we quickly forget how long the task took.

If you’re wondering where I am going with this, I want everyone to understand that the process of purchasing our chapter hangar can feel like fighting city hall. The back and forth by the City of Lincoln trying to decide how they want to move forward seems to be taking a very long time. The Inside scoop, so to speak, is that the final negotiations are done and we are a few weeks (or less) from knowing what our ultimate ownership expenses will be. If you are a Gold Member please keep the faith. We will have ownership of our club hangar soon! If you are a general member, it is very important that you renew your membership now. We need strength in numbers and your membership really is important.

If you haven’t renewed your membership we need your help right now. Please renew or join the chapter at your first opportunity. Please don’t doubt Chapter 1541’s commitment. We just happen to be “fighting city hall”.

Ron Wright
EAA Chapter 1541