EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship

Our chapter applied earlier this year to participate in the new EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship program whose goal is to distribute a grant of $1 million in the form of $10,000 flight training scholarships that will be administered by individual chapters. As this newsletter is being finalized, we heard back from the EAA qualifying committee. We were happy to hear that our chapter did qualify for the program… our application was ranked at 100 out of 231 applicants. However, the $10,000 scholarships are going to the top 90 chapters only so, until more funding is made available, we will not be able to bring forth a candidate at this time. Our chapter leadership is still absorbing the details of the EAA response to our application and will continue to pursue the participation of our chapter in the Ray Aviation Scholarship. Board Member Erika Wallin is our Scholarship Coordinator for the program.