President’s Corner

By Darren Coomler

Dear EAA 1541 Chapter Members,

Wow! What a week! Our flight plan has been diverted this month with the current world pandemic.

As pilots, we are prepared for diversion due to situations out of our control, with that, we are accepting and changing our plans accordingly this month. Due to COVID-19’s rapid change in conditions we (Chapter 1541) have postponed all person to person meetings within our chapter for approximately 30 days.

Currently we don’t have enough information to make long term decisions to see what happens with this virus. Our mission is still to serve and inform others until conditions improve. In the meantime, the Board of Directors will meet via conference call to discuss when future events will be held.

During this diversion, in absence of meetings, this is a great time to invest in preparing to get to know each other more by the time we meet again. Your assignment is a one page bio of your experience in aviation or for the newer aviation enthusiasts your interests. When we come back after our break we will take pictures of each member and post around the hangar. Our goal is to get better acquainted and to build strong relationships within this chapter.

Keep your eyes on emails and we will be updating you as conditions improve. Thank you for your understanding during this time and I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

To happiness and health,