Ray Scholarship Update

Chapter Members, I am now at just over 26 hours, 4 of them cross country and 2 hours solo. Last Friday Randy and I had a great cross country flight to Red Bluff. In preparation for this flight we did ground school where I learned how to do a flight plan using dead reckoning and then what markers to keep an eye out for using Pilotage.

On the way to Red Bluff, Randy had me experience wearing foggles and we worked on disorientation. I also got experience talking with NorCal. I’ve done an additional 6 hours of ground school preparing for my written test.

As you know most California schools are now closed. I will be using this time to get in as much flying as possible and preparing for the written test. I am hoping to get together with a group of others students, now that we are all on break, and we can all study for the written test. As I prepare for more cross countries, I am looking for suggestions for airports to visit in Northern California. While I can’t afford the “Hundred-Dollar Hamburger, maybe I can find a $10 grilled cheese.