First Chapter Fly-Out Report: Sutter County on Saturday, May 6

Text and Photos by Dug Smith

On Saturday May 6th, EAA 1541 went for their first fly-out. After cleaning up after the pancake breakfast, twelve of us in six aircraft (Gary Booth’s Pietenpol, Dick Rupe’s Highlander, Jim Hughes’ Cessna 175, Ron Wright’s Columbia, Bruce Estes’ Cessna Cardinal and Ken Schwartz’ Cessna 162) flew out to Sutter / O52 for their monthly open hangar day.

It was perfect destination for our purposes, as it’s a short flight, and the weather was great. They also have a barbecue lunch that was well received. There was a little bit of excitement when Dick’s plane lost a cotter pin from one of the door latches, but that was solved with a little help from the friendly locals.

We left separately, and Jim took Lyndon (a new member) and his grandson for a trip around the Sutter Buttes, and Ron and Dug flew back around the East side of Beale’s airspace.

If anybody has suggestions for future fly-outs, please make a suggestion to Ron or Jim.