Amy Whelan – Ray Aviation Scholarship update

Chapter Members, While most of the world has come to a stop, I have been able to use this time to progress my pilot training. These past few weeks have been very productive. Now I prepare for the last push to complete my training.

Last week I completed a major milestone, my first solo cross country. I created my flight plan and Randy reviewed it for accuracy. My flight departed KLHM where I tracked the Williams VOR to Red Bluff. During the flight I was in contact with NorCal where I requested flight following. Referring back to my flight plan I navigated by both dead-reckoning and pilotage to find my checkpoints and verify my course. After an hour, my first stop was a straight-in approach to Red Bluff (KRBL). After a full stop and verification of my scheduled times, I departure for Redding (KRDD). I was able to use my Redding stop to work on communications with ATC. In Redding I was able to get out, stretch my legs and re-fuel. From Redding I headed back home by way of Chico (KCIC). This also allowed me to work with another tower. At Chico I performed a full stop, where with clearance I taxied back on the runway for my last leg home. Once airborne I contacted NorCal again for flight following to Lincoln, which means I was able to fly through the Beale AFB TFR. There was traffic departing from Beale and my course was diverted. It was an incredible day of flying. This was the first time I filed a VFR flight plan and called for a weather briefing.

Later in the week, I completed a phase check. It was administered by Mary Fairbanks. You may know Mary she is the owner of the Spitfire Café located at the airport. During the phase check I performed a couple of steep turns and stalls. Returning to KLHM, Mary verified my ability to perform pilotage by removing my navigation equipment (ForeFlight).

I will be taking the FAA written test this week and my check ride is scheduled for June 11th. I still have a few more requirements to complete to be compliant with 14 CFR FAA 61.109.

I really hope this event passes soon and we can all get back together again. I miss all of you very much. I would like to get a head start on my instrument training, so elected to start college in June. As most of you know, I will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach Florida. My major will be Aeronautical Science, to pursue my goal of becoming a commercial pilot. I will leave for school on June 22nd. I do not know if this would have been possible without the guidance and support of the chapter. I truly thank you all.

Blue Skies and Tailwinds
Amy Whelan


  • 45 hours
  • 16.7 hours – dual cross country
  • 13 hours solo
  • 4.2 hours solo cross country
  • 2.6 hours night

Amy has completed 57.80 hours of flight training and this past week passed her FAA Written Knowledge Test!

She is now preparing for her final few hours of flight training and has her Check Ride scheduled for June 11.

Amy will be completing her final days of high school this week. She was scheduled to graduate on June 5 but this has been postponed to July 31. She is sad to miss graduation but excited to announce she has been accepted and will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida starting the end of June. Amy will be majoring in Aeronautical Science with the goal of becoming a Commercial Pilot. She was accepted into the ERAU Summer Session flying program and will start working toward her instrument rating June 30.

Amy was also featured on the AOPA Class of 2020 page.