Pix, PIREPs and Project Updates

This new feature of our monthly newsletter is intended to keep us all in touch with one another, sharing our interests and recent experiences. The response to our first request to send in photos and notes has been so rewarding that we’ll be sending out a reminder each month to send in more. What you can learn about other chapter members’ skills and accomplishments is quite amazing. Enjoy!

(Listed in order received by your newsletter editor)

George Hardin writes: Just completed the upgrade of my Kitfox avionics to the Grand Rapids Sport EX. Made a new panel in exotic hardwoods.



Keith Grasse reports: My RV-7 received its airworthiness on March 10th. The first flight was on April 25th out of Rio Linda. The build took 4.5 years and just over 1500 hours.

Brent Smith writes: I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the latest progress in the construction of MiniIMP s/n 002: the installation of the UAvionix Echo system for ADS-B Out compliance. It’s a really affordable solution for those who already have Mode C capability. In my case, I also needed a good GPS source, so I bought a package that included a GPS antenna that sits on the glare shield and a receiver that sits next to the Echo box. The first photo clearly shows the two boxes mounted conveniently under the seat and connected to the transmit antenna in the bottom of the fuselage pod:

the second photo shows the installation of a ground plane for that antenna:

Anyone wishing to see the installation first hand is welcome to drop in at hangar H-2.

Chris Silva was out flying his RV-6A at sunset on May 12 and snapped this one:

Chris also notes “I wrote up a nice blog of my trip to LA about 6 weeks ago – https://silvashutterbug.wordpress.com/2020/03/30/stormy-monday-my-trip-to-la-and-back/ password is “flying” to view it.

Branden Culp sends this update on his Rans S-21 project:
Working on my left wing currently –

Builders log: https://eaabuilderslog.org?s=S21Outbound
I’m trying to make YouTube build updates as well but a little behind: https://www.youtube.com/user/SkyRayden100

Richard Clark writes: I’ve attached a couple of nostalgia pixs for your consideration. Since I’m not a builder, I’ve got just some general aviation/aircraft pixs from over the years. If worthwhile, I can probably resurrect some others from the past! Pics attached are C-133 (kind of a long gone rare bird) landing at Anderson AFB Guam, Dec. 1966.

Other is cockpit of KC-135 (Young Tiger USAF support mission) heading to Japan 1966. Back in the day with flight engineer as part of crew and lots of steam gauges! No high tech there.

Jack Allison sent in the answer to the question “What has Jack Allison been up to since the COVID-19 shutdown?”:
I’ve been flying a lot as I’m Scientific Aviation’s newest pilot, flying their LHM based M20 N2132X (green hangar #34, stop by and say hello anytime). Currently flying once a week atmospheric sample collection mission for NOAA (FL250 down to 1000 MSL…yes, FL250, the service ceiling of this M20) off the coast near Arcata plus low level (500-3000 AGL) methane monitoring missions for the CA Air Resources board.

It’s challenging and rewarding flying and I’m working with fantastic people like Dave Page our head of maintenance.

Christopher Braun, owner of NorCal Flight Center, sent the following with a note “Hope this inspires some people to start their project or continue one!”
Been using some of the downtime to get some serious work done on a 1965 Citabria restoration. Starting on wings now. Fuselage and tail feathers are basically done.

Windshield will be fit this week. Everything interior was fit and installed, but keeping things out until final build, in case anything comes up.

This is the first time that I have worked with a tube and fabric project, and it has been an amazing learning experience. Been following the Polyfiber manual and the Facebook forums for help. Got the two ailerons done, ready for UV Polybrush and final paint, and am now assembling wings/spars/fuel tanks on my work table in the garage.

Engine is at Lycon for rebuild. Have also been on the learning curve with using an HVLP paint system for the first time. Very fun to learn. Looking for Nov/Dec (which year?) finish.
One piece of advice for those considering a buying a partially started restoration. Print out all of the SBs and ADs before you start anything and go back and inspect for compliance. Previous project owners did not do many of them for some reason, including trim, elevator, and other control cable replacements and the need for a new front folding seat. Glad I checked them at the beginning of my project before continuing.

John House reports: this is the current status of my RV-14 project:

Waiting on the primer to arrive so I can continue the assembly. I ran out and it is not a stocked item. Rear spar and skins are ready to prime.

Linda Masys sent in this picture of the newest aviator in the house. Flies really well but won’t shut up:

And lastly, your newsletter editor will toss in a PIREP about a fine picnic lunch at Auburn airport this past week, where Wings restaurant is now open for online ordering for takeout at (https://www.wingsgrillcurbside.com/ ).
Linda ordered online then we flew the trusty RV-10 (in the background) up there for lunch. We took some folding camp chairs so we could bask in the shadow of the big AN-2 biplane and watch comings and goings on the runway while having a great chew and chat: