Update on Lincoln Hangars

The process of switching management of some of the airport hangars continues. In a process that began in August, the City of Lincoln has taken over management of those airport hangars once managed by the Nunno Corporation.

The city held two Stakeholder’s Meetings on October 19 to provide information about the transition and to receive comments on the process. The transition will be effective on December 1, and the city is making new rental agreements with the tenants of the old Nunno hangars, and new ground lease agreements with Porta-a-Port hangar owners. The rental and ground lease agreements will set rent and lease payments at market rates.

As part of the old Nunno lease agreement, ownership of some of the fixed hangars have reverted to the city of Lincoln.

Also as part of the change, some new things are coming, including a Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fee that will fund runway and taxiway work and also entrance/exit gate improvements. Planning is also underway to replace the fuel farm in a new location with new equipment.

Hangar and ramp maintenance will be included as part of the monthly hangar rent. Individual ground leases for those Porta-a- Port hangars (rows P, Q,R, & S) are also being implemented.

At this writing, there are thirty hangars for which the city has not yet been able to contact the current tenants. The hangars are:

N1, N1A, N2, N3, N4, N5A, N6, N8
P1, P3, P4, P10, P11, P12
Q1, Q4, Q9, Q10
R8, R13
S1, S2, S3, S7, S8, S9
T3, T4, T8, T9

The city provided the following message in an email to the EAA Chapter.

We are asking all current tenants that are occupying the hangars list above to contact the City by emailing: airport@lincolnca.gov.
Please state in the email:
· Your name
· Hangar Row and Number
· Phone Number
· Email Address

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s assistance with the matter. If we have inadvertently overlooked your previous submittal of your contact information, we apologize. The City experienced email difficulties last week and as such, we may have missed your correspondence.

The city also notes: “In the event that we cannot find people, after exhausting all avenues to make contact, we will have to start allowing other folks an opportunity to rent the hangars.