EAA 1541 Goes Carting

Our chapter has the need to occasionally move its gear to different parts of our airport to participate in various airport activities, including supporting the local airport association display days. It was a burden to repeatedly load, move, and unload the chairs, tables, and other large items from pickup trucks to and from each event.

One of our more creative members came up with the idea for this chair and table cart. Using an inexpensive Harbor Freight utility trailer as
a starting point, member Rubin Wallin designed and constructed a welded structure that organizes and holds forty folding chairs, a dozen folded tables, and as many portable canopies as we can stack on top. The cart uses the trailer tongue to hitch it to any available vehicle and we pull it easily around the airport to where we need it. When parked in our hangar, the cart is used to store the material, so there is no loading or unloading at the start point.

Another one of our members, Ray McNaught, owns a PiP Printing Store and graciously donated the metal signs with our chapter logo and information that are mounted on each end of the cart.

Next: to construct a little tag-along trailer to attach to this chair cart that will easily transport our BBQ grill or pancake griddle also.